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GENEDiagnostics (Pty) Ltd is a genetic testing, research and training business, dedicated to providing a comprehensive, cost-effective service throughout South Africa and the rest of Africa via a network of private and public healthcare practitioners. We provide a full range of tests at a competitive price, but also provide valuable feedback and advice to healthcare professionals, which in turn empowers them to better advise their patients. GENEDiagnostics also provides training and research services in this field. Worldwide, genetic testing is gaining popularity as a tool for identifying a person’s vulnerability to inherited health disorders. It is also used to identify an individual (in much the same way as a fingerprint), or to determine a person’s ancestry.

Our Speciality.

GENEDiagnostics is 100% Black-owned and the only Black-owned genetics service provider. The company is managed by women with extensive experience in the genetics arena and management field. Prof Monique Zaahl, who brings over 15 years experience in the human genetic diagnostics and research field, founded the company. Having previously worked as a laboratory manager, registered multiple patents and managed an advanced testing laboratory at Stellenbosch University, Prof Zaahl is uniquely placed to establish and manage GENEDiagnostics’ testing, training and research services.

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Furthermore, 60% of the rest of the staff at GENEdiagonstics are females. Our company has a good relationship with the Department of Science and Technology (DST) and we take in interns from their programme annually. Based on our funding available, some of these interns are retained in the company. Youth development is of critical importance for our country and the African continent and especially in the biotechnology field. These interns usually join us very young and inexperienced but they leave confident and with various experiences.

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