Ancestry  Test

What is Ancestry testing?

Our Ancestry Testing is designed to provide individuals with an idea of which region on the planet their ancestor originates from. This normally goes back thousands of years, which is distinctly different from a heritage test (which provides % contributions of different nationalities to the individual). In males, our ancestry tests enable you to gain an understanding of your Paternal (father) ancestry and your Maternal (mother) ancestry. This is because males have both mitochondrial DNA (transmitted only by females) and Y chromosome DNA (transmitted only by males). In females, our ancestry tests only enable you to gain an understanding of your Maternal ancestry. This is because females only have mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA).

What is required for the test?

Testing is done by means of cheek (buccal) swabs. Buccal swab kits can be requested from our laboratory or go to one of the Clicks clinics we work with. There is very little to no risk involved in taking a buccal swab.

Limitations of Ancestry Testing

It is important to note that Y-chromosome testing is only available to male individuals, as females do not inherit a Y-chromosome. In instances where female individuals want to learn about their paternal lineage – we suggest they ask a male relative to undergo the testing on their behalf. The mtDNA test is available to people of either sex.

Ancestry Tests Temporarily Unavailable

If you’re requiring an Ancestry Test please contact us and we’ll let you know as soon as they are available again.