Kinship Test

What is Kinship (Relatedness) testing?

Kinship testing, also referred to as Relatedness testing, is a test that is done between two (2) individuals to determine their relatedness (e.g. alleged grandparent and grandchild). It is sometimes used in deceased estate claims where a child is tested relative to the known family members of a deceased person. This includes siblings, aunts, uncles and parents of the deceased. This procedure involves collecting and examining the DNA of a small sample of bodily fluid or tissue from each individual being tested. Testing is done by means of cheek (buccal) swabs. Buccal swab kits can be requested from our laboratory or we can arrange an appointment for you at one of the selected Clicks Clinics we work with. There is little to no risk involved in taking a cheek swab

How much will everything cost me?

  • There are NO hidden costs
  • The cost of the test is R 1680.00 per person for a Peace of Mind (POM) kinship test and R 1932.00 per person for a LEGAL kinship test.
  • A minimum deposit of 50% is payable upfront for all tests
  • The price quoted INCLUDES VAT and the costs of the kit.
  • Payment is required before sending you the test kit or arranging an appointment with one of the selected Clicks Clinics we work with nationally.

What is the difference between a Peace of Mind (POM) and Legal Kinship test?

The GENEdiagnostics Peace of Mind test is designed for people who would like to know their relatedness to another person.

The home test kit can be used for this purpose. For a Legal Kinship test, a specified chain of custody is required, which is followed at the selected Clicks Clinics we work with nationally.

GENEdiagnostics’s Legal tests are acceptable to South African courts.  Legal tests are required for any court purpose, estates, Department of Home Affairs birth registration and amendment, or any other legal matter.

How does it work?